Philip has 26 Years Post Qualification Experience
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Boundary Disputes Design Party Wall Surveyor
Building Control Advice Dilapidations Planned Maintenance
Building Insurance Claims Expert Witness Planning Supervisor
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Defect Analysis Insurance Rebuild Cost Assessment


We have provided expert witness reports in connection with numerous building related disputes. Our clients include DAS Legal Expenses Co. Ltd., Prudential Assurance Company, Forsters Solicitors, Glenisters Solicitors, Masons Solicitors, Trethowan Woodford Solicitors and others. We have appeared in the witness box on numerous occasions. Our reports fully conform to the Woolf reforms and the latest Civil Procedure Rules as well as the RICS practice statement.



We have acted for many property owners ranging from individual home owners to large corporations. We deal with all types of construction from traditional load bearing brickwork structures, factory system built properties, steel and concrete framed multi storey buildings to specialist buildings.  Top of page
We have acted both for the "building owners" and "adjoining owners". We have acted in connection with a range of property types from large town centre redevelopment sites to small residential situations throughout our operational area.  Top of page


Essential information for financial planning of large property portfolios. Past clients include Welsh Water plc., West Surrey Water Co., the Soroptimist Housing Association and others.  Top of page


Our design work has included 3-storey office developments, new factories, domestic and commercial extensions as well as housing.   Top of page

Safety is an essential consideration in all building projects. We have acted as the Planning Supervisor i.e. safety advisor, on numerous developments and refurbishment projects, ensuring that the project complies with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act and the current Construction, Design and Management Reguations (CDM)  Top of page
Compliance with Building Regulations is a statutory requirement with which we can assist. There are often numerous options available for compliance. Not every option is always appreciated and some are more cost effective than others. Our advice can resolve issues, save time and may reduce costs.  Top of page


Normally conducted for prospective house buyers but also for comercial clients buying or leasing their first or additional premises. Purchasing property is the most expensive single acquisition that most people will make. Most solicitors recommend that a full report should be obtained before committing yourself to a purchase especially if the building is large and old or if a lease is invloved with full repairing and insuring obligation (FRI Terms). Many people have relied on Building Society or other lenders' valuation reports only to find that they do not give the information or peace of mind that they had assumed. Negotiations about house price, or lease rentals, can often save more than the cost of the report and can help you avoid buying a property with unexpected financial demands after the condition of the property has been reported on.
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Normally prepared for companies considering purchasing commercial properties, especially when buying an existing leasehold interest i.e. taking an asignment of an existing lease, with responsibility for repairs. Without this type of report you may unwittingly adopt liability for major repairs from an existing leasehold owner or take on liabilities that you had not appreciated.  Top of page
We prepare schedules of defects which should have been dealt with by a tenant during their lease. We have acted for landlords who want formal schedules produced for outgoing tenants or for landlords requiring interim schedules to remind sitting tenants of their obligations under a lease. We also act for tenants wanting to defend themselves against onerous or excessive dilapidation claims from landlords who may be seekign a refurbished building rather than being satisfied with the fulfilment of the lease terms for repair and redecoration.  Top of page


Usually we act in domestic circumstances where neighbours are disputing the position of a boundary delineated by a fence or other form of demarcation.
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We provide advice in connection with building related insurance claims including initial assessments of the damage, guidance in the submission of insurance claim forms and we can supervise agreed remedial works to be financed through the Insurance Company.   Top of page

We provide guidance on the amount of money that a particular property should be insured for, for the purposes of re-building in the event of a total loss situation. For large industrial and commercial buildings this will include calculations for inflation during the pre-contract and contract periods as well as an allowance for inflation during the term of the policy itself. These adjustments are not normally required in residential assessment due to the relatively lower value of most houses compared with large industrial or commercial developements.  Top of page

We have experience of dealing with Residential, Office, Industrial and Commercial properties. We have dealt with traditional load bearing masonry structures, timber frame, steel and concrete framed buildings including portal framed sheds. We have also had experience of historic buildings including oak framed wattle and daub construction, thatch and stone built properties.